The Erasmus+ project 'Playing beyond CLIL' (PbC) will provide a pedagogical strategy and practice-oriented tools to support formative assessment in a pluriliteracies approach in CLIL and non-CLIL learning contexts. The project aims to help teachers improve their specific classroom skills and also addresses schools wishing to enrich their teaching practices and to become more inclusive especially for learners with developing language skills in content-matter subjects.

In teaching environments where the language of instruction is not the same as the learner's first language and especially in those where the language of instruction is being learned simultaneously with new subject content (i.e. CLIL - content and language integrated learning), a pluriliteracies model for deeper learning (PTDL) has the potential to actively and transparently enable all students - at any age or stage - to become more effective learners. This by requiring teachers to rethink the design of learning environments (including tasks and activities) to foreground the development of literacy skills across disciplines and languages, i.e. for learners to become pluriliterate. This approach will provide a practical contribution to the inclusion of learners with little language skills in the official classroom language(s), e.g. 'traditional' CLIL learners but also learners with migration backgrounds (economic and political).

However, established assessment methods are not able to take the holistic and dynamic nature of a pluriliteracies approach into account. To date, teachers are lacking the tools and procedures for assessing learning processes within a pluriliteracies framework. Building on the methodology developed in the former project 'playingCLIL', the project 'Playing beyond CLIL' offers an alternative and more holistic way of thinking about assessment by integrating CLIL approaches with drama education. 


PbC will research, develop, promote and put to trial new and transformative approaches to the assessment of the learning processes in CLIL and other contexts of pluriliteracies education.

Results will be shared by means of a pedagogical guidebook, webinars and a toolbox for teachers and schools intended to assist the implementation of the PbC-methodology at classroom and school level. The website will show the work in progress and present an interactive online-platform to provide networking resources for teachers and schools. Also, the consortium will contribute to the discussion on pedagogies and practices for deep learning - such as the PbC-methodology - in papers addressed to the scientific community.