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Joint Staff Training Event #1- Belfast

Playing beyond CLIL continues the excellent work of Playing CLIL, where both teachers and students discovered that learning through play provided unexpected opportunities to assess both content and language.


Training Event September 2019

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW events are designed to offer students alternative ways of demonstrating their understanding of subjects, giving teachers an entertaining opportunity to assess. During the course SWYK events are introduced, modelled and practised. Each SWTK is accompanied with guidance and activities on how to prepare students and connect relevant subject content. The central concepts of ‘languaging’ and ‘deep learning’ are explored and developed in the context of each SWYK.

Find the Program here:


Joint Staff Training Event #3 (online)

Organized by: Consejería de Educación, Universidades, Cultura y Deportes-Gobierno de Canarias (and Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria) 

Supervised by: Interacting Theatre company






  • Session 1: 10 March, from 16 to 17.00h (UTC + 0)

  • Session 2:  11 March,  from 16 a 18.00h (UTC + 0)

  • Session 3:  15 March de 16 a 18.00h (UTC + 0)

  • Session 4: 18 March de 16 a 18.30h (UTC + 0)

  • Session 5: 24 March de 16 a 18.30h (UTC + 0)

Find the Program here:


Joint Staff Training Event #4(online)

Organised by the Consereria de Education

15.06. - 16.06.2021


SWYK - ONLINE Tools and Methods




Find the Program here: