This SWYK Toolkit is made up of:

  1. Learning events supported with drama activities.

  2. Guidance on how to work with them. 

  3. An assessment rubic connecting events to pedagogical principals and learning cycles.

  4. Due to the pandemic, the toolkit gets a digital extension .

We have named our events Show What You Know (SWYK).


SWYK are interactive activities inviting learners to use their creativity and express their understanding on given subjects. The events are inspired by popular multimedia formats. 

Each event offers opportunities for learners to negotiate, order and express their understanding of content appropriate to the task through presentation. 

Teachers have multiple opportunities to scaffold and assess during the drama processing leading to the event. We suggest a series of drama games to build the performance competences relevant to each SWYK. 

SWYK Events facilitate languaging in different modes, visual representations, movement and embodied learning. 

We offer a design template for SWYK and provide seven examples including The Documentary, The Discovery, The Trailer, The Exhibition, The Advert, The Panel Show, and The Flash Mob.


Each example is described with reference to original multimedia sources and followed by step by step instructions on how to run the event.