The Edinburgh PbC Team created and ran a Webinar on 30th October 2020 for students training to be Modern Languages teachers.

The Webinar consisted of:

  • A welcome

  • A Show What You Know event based on a Newscast

  • Inputs by staff on What is SWYK, Pluriliterate Citizens and Formative Dynamic Assessment

  • A student task in breakout rooms

  • A plenary bringing together ideas from the breakout rooms

Here is the link to the recording of the completed webinar (the breakout rooms were not recorded)

Resources to run your own Webinar

Here we have taken the resources from Webinar 1 and created a Standalone Resource, which you can use or adapt to develop your understanding of Show What You Know.

This consists of a narrated Powerpoint presentation which contains links to the Newscast SWYK and to other video clips. The notes in the Powerpoint file contain the script to the narration. 

There is also supplementary material in Word and PDF format below:

Standalone Resource as Powerpoint (to play the narration and use the links, please download the presentation and open in Powerpoint on your computer).

Supplementary material in Word format

Supplementary material in PDF format

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