Transnational Project Meeting - M1 (Berlin)
Transnational Project Meeting - M2 (Edinburgh)
Start Steering Group Online Conferences #1 (monthly)
Pedagogic Strategy Prototype | PbC Platfom
Training Week - C1 (Belfast) 
Transnational Project Meeting - M3 (Belfast)
Spring 2020
Training Week - C2 (Tenerife - cancalled due to Covid-19) 
Transnational Project Meeting - M4 (Tenerife hosted - online)
Autumn 2020
Transnational Project Meeting - M5 (Espoo hosted - online)
Scientific Paper
Spring 2021
Transnational Project Meeting - M6 (Helsinki hosted - online)
 Winter 2020 - Spring 2021
Spring 2021
Training Week - C2 (Teneriffa hosted - online)
Training Week - C3 (Espoo hosted - online) 
EUROPE - Multiplier events in the partner countries (E 1-4)
July 2021
Transnational Project Meeting - M7
Final Conference (Berlin)

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