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how to be part of it, como ser parte de esto, kuinka olla osa sitä, wie man teilnimmt.

If the Corona-Crisis will allow - we will organize a training with the new material and intellectual output of PbC in Finland in September 2020. The Training is open for interested teachers to join.

What can you expect?

This new and innovative course from the Playing Beyond CLIL (PbC) partners, informs participants on the theories and principles driving PbC training them to deliver the key outcome SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!.

Playing beyond CLIL continues the excellent work of Playing CLIL, where both teachers and students discovered that learning through play provided unexpected opportunities to assess both content and language.

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW events are designed to offer students alternative ways of demonstrating their understanding of subjects, giving teachers an entertaining opportunity to assess.

During the course SWYK events are introduced, modelled and practised. Each SWTK is accompanied with guidance and activities on how to prepare students and connect relevant subject content.

Target audience: Teacher trainers, heads of department, subject teachers and language teachers in established CLIL teaching environments. Language teachers and subject teachers in non-CLIL education.

Interested? Write us an email and safe YOUR space for September 2020

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