What is a Show what you know event (SWYK) and how can I use it in the classroom?

Aktualisiert: 10. Juli 2020

Text done by the PbC Consortium

A PbC - Show What You Know (SWYK) is a ‘performance’ driven Learning Event embedded in or across curriculum subjects. SWYK provide dynamic opportunities for assessing student learning.

There are different types of SWYK such as The Trailer; The Panel Game; The Documentary; Flash Mob – all of which require careful planning.

A template template provides outline guidance in designing the preparatory tasks leading up to the Learning Event which focus on the subject matter, the nature of the particular SWYK, language and literacies development, opportunities for languaging and types of assessment processes. (Find the template in the toolbox)

Teachers scaffold learning throughout through Learning Conversations. Each SWYK offers a wide range of interpretations and adaptations depending on the classroom context. This template offers an outline of some initial considerations when teaching with Learning Events.

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